Do You Know What Really a Mantra is?

Mantra – the very word conjures up a sense of mystery and intrigue. What exactly is it? A phrase? A word? A sentence? And why do countless spiritual traditions place such importance on it? But perhaps even more fascinating is the power that chanting a mantra seems to possess. How can simply repeating a series of sounds or words have such a profound impact on our well-being?

The practice of chanting mantras is gaining popularity with each passing day. From spiritual leaders to high-profile executives, everyone seems to be raving about its numerous benefits. And it’s no wonder why! Regular mantra chanting has been found to have a remarkable impact on the mind, increasing focus and clarity, and promoting calmness and tranquility.

So, let’s find out the real meaning of the mantra.

World-renowned yoga and spiritual master, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa says, “Mantra means transcendental sound vibration, the sound which transcends the material world. It does not originate in the material world; it originates in the Spiritual World and descends to the material platform without losing any spiritual potency.”

“A mantra is not something that anyone can make up but rather must be received through the spiritual master who has received it from his spiritual master who received it from his spiritual master, and so on. It is transmitted from spiritual master to disciple since time immemorial,” says Jagad Guru.

A mantra is the descent of the Supreme Person in the form of sound vibration, making it possible for us to receive Him. Hearing and repeating such sound vibrations gradually cleans the heart and mind so that a person experiences his real identity more and more each day.

There are numerous mantras that one can chant to experience benefits. However, some mantras are considered to be of ultimate benefit because they have originated from the Supreme Person.

Thank you for your time.

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